Introducing Short Travel Class

Introducing Short Travel Class
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Introducing Short Travel Class: Open to all age groups. Enduro, All Mountain, XC and Hardtail bikes. Bikes must run 160mm of travel or less. Designed for beginners and intermediate riders who don’t have the BIG Downhill rig and not sure what category to race in, or beginners with a mountain bike who want to have a go in a division that is open and less daunting than standing at the start gate against people with Downhill bikes. We will be including the much loved hardtail class as part of this new category. This is not an Gravity Enduro class but we do welcome any Enduro riders, All Mountain XC, dirt jumpers and XC bikes.

Rules and Regulations :
– Bikes must run 160mm of travel or under front and back.

– Downhill bikes with a shorter travel fork will not be accepted in Short Travel Class.
– Riders are permitted to ride short travel bikes in any catagory at their discretion.
– Riders can only enter one catagory per event but may change categories from race to race (race points will not be carried over between categories)

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