Mount Major – TV Access Rd and Dookie- Nalinga Rd (Which is off the Midland Hwy A300)

30 minutes out of central Shepparton. 


Take the Midland Hwy (A300) off the Hume or out of Shepparton. Turn onto Dookie-Nalinga Rd.

Turn Left at TV Access Rd and the track is on the right hand side.

(You can’t miss this one. Just drive towards the only hill for miles.)



Plenty of room

Food & Drinks

Catering will be available



Elite Men

Elite Women

Under 19’s

Under 17’s

Under 15’s


Veteran/Masters 1-2

Masters/Masters 3-4

Super Masters/Masters 5-6


Short travel


For example: If you turn 15 in 2017 you are no longer under 15, if you turn 19 in 2017 you are no longer under 19 – same goes for all other age group categories.

Short Travel Class: Open to all age groups. Enduro, All Mountain, XC and Hardtail bikes. Bikes must run 160mm of travel or less.

Riders are only permitted to enter one catergory per event but may change catergories from race to race though points will not be carried over between events.



Enter online and save!

Saturday & Sunday Senior = $100,

Saturday & Sunday Junior = $85 (Under 15 ONLY)
Enter on the day:

Saturday & Sunday Senior = $120,

Saturday & Sunday Junior = $90 (Under 15 ONLY)

Sunday Only Senior/Junior = $90

Race Day Licence = $25

All riders MUST produce their MTBA Competition Licence. If you do not have proof of MTBA

Competition Membership you will need to fill out and purchase a Race Day Licence from





Course available for on foot inspection only (NO RIDING)


0800 – 1600 Registration Open

0800 – 1000 Course available for on foot inspection

1000 – 1430 Official course practise (ALL GROUPS)

1430 – 1530 Official course practise (NO PRO GROUP)

1530 – 1630 Official course practise (PRO GROUP ONLY)

*Note: A diligent effort will be made by event organisers to police these groups on course to ensure all riders are given the best chance to complete full runs during practice.

PRO Group = Elite Men, Under 19 Men and Expert Men

Non Pro Group = all other categories

The Race Director has the ability to disqualify any rider that disobeys this rule. All Pro Group riders will have a colour coded race plate.



0800 – 0900 Registration Open. (Entries after 0900 will not be accepted)

0800 – 1100 Official Course Practice (ALL GROUPS)

1115 Sharp. Rider Briefing at event central (All riders MUST attend)

1130 Racing Begins

Presentations will be held at the conclusion of the Elite Men’s final



Helmet Cam:

http://vimeo.com/22881116 (a couple of years old)


Course description

Fly down the new start ramp and away you go. Getting up to speed should be no problem. Pedal some extra speed and get ready for the first bend. The track starts off with a couple of right to left sweepers. You can hold it right open here and carry good speed. It should get quite drifty and there’s a few rocks to dodge and keep you on your game.

Roll on over the ‘v’ rock and the rock gardens begin. This is where the track really starts to descend. A sharp right left right and down over a roll over. You will have to careful of the next few corners, particularly the last one being off camber. Its easy to loose grip on the rocky ground and go off line. Line choice and bike handling skills will reward riders; and with exit speed to cross another small rock garden and out onto the open again. Hold it steady as you veer to the right and chase your bikes tail through the ”whoop whoops”. Great for showing off your style and also very drifty in the dry or wet at speed.

This leads down into the ”cliff ledge” and you must be concentrating here or it will be instant death to a quick race run time. Falling of the side will make it hard to get back on track. Don’t be surprised to hear the sound off vultures in the sky here. Bang over the rocks and carry as much speed through the exit as you can, through another whoop-whoop and time to get serious about line choice.

The track comes to a largely taped area, that is rock infested with line choices galore. The a-line goes straight through, which goes down and over a 1.5 m drop off. This is the straightest but there’s also a b-line that sneaks to the left of the a-line, between ‘v’ gap giving good exit speed. if neither of these take your fancy, c-line it is around all of the above. There are many lines leading into all three exits and being creative will help.

A rocky and bombed out lefty turns you toward another rock drop off. This one being slightly larger can be gapped off or rolled and can get tricky to jump if the breeze picks up. A b-line is provided to the right which rolls around.

Get on ya outer knobs for a lefty and then swing back to the right to the ”pop rock”. Up and over or b-line to the right.

The track really opens up again with some more large sweepers. This is one spot you want to carry corner speed and not crash as your about to get your jump on. Some larger doubles that will thrill spectators and riders alike. All very roll-able for people not wanting to set sail.

Bam (and the dirt is gone) and your fly at a hip jump. Down and around for the ”leap of faith” or skim through the roller. Another double has you on the bottom of the 4x track and hooking close to home. Carry your speed through and get ready to be fast and loose. The last right hander is where you can impress the crowd with your drifting skills and carry it across the line to finish.

Written by a loyal GVMBC Member




VDHS committee: info@vdhs.com.au

Host Club: www.gvmtbc.com

MTBA membership questions: info.mtba@mtba.asn.au